The Founder

Hey, Polly here! Originally from England, I moved to New Zealand 4 years ago dreaming of a more outdoor lifestyle. I started Wild Sand to give me the flexibility to work and travel, whilst being able to collaborate with amazing purpose-led businesses along the way. 3 years later and I am so very grateful to be living by the beach doing what I love each day.

The Studio

Wild Sand is a full service design studio that focuses on the art of simplicity. From the moment you get in touch to the moment you receive your files, the process is smooth and fun. We have stripped away the unecessary layers so we can produce powerful work in a short time frame, allowing you to launch with ease. 

The Process







DISCOVERY: Think of this like the initial dating phase of the project. You’ll get in touch, we’ll get to know you. If you like what you see, we’ll go on a second date where we send over a strategy questionnaire and get into the nitty gritty of your brand, in order to develop a strong brand that serves its purpose. 

STRATEGY: During this stage, we will take everything we have learnt so far about your business and create an in-depth strategy document that covers your brand foundation, audience, competition, messaging and visual direction. This is the holy grail for every design decision made after. 

DESIGN: Now for one of the most fun parts of the process! Here is where we get creative and messy, developing a variety of concepts. Once we’ve landed on one that we feel is the strongest, we will refine and present this concept to you in it’s entirety, so you can get a feel for how the brand will look in the world. 

REFINE: This stage is where we refine the concept. It is a very collaborative experience and allows you to really voice your opinions and work with us to land on a final concept that you feel really good about.

EXPAND: As with humans, each brand is different and will have various needs. At this stage we nail down the designs for the collateral items in your beposke package. These can be marketing materials, print, packaging, etc. 

DELIVER: Once your final concepts are signed off, we will develop an extensive style guide that will map out exactly how to use your brand going forward as well as package up the final files. After, we celebrate!


Work With Us

Have a design project in mind? We’ll remove the overwhelm and help you create an intentional, strategic brand that lasts across the seasons.